8. Conclusion

This document provides the protocol-level specification of the minimal conventions needed to ensure that X Version 11 clients can interoperate properly. This document specifies interoperability conventions only for the X Version 11 protocol. Clients should be aware of other protocols that should be used for better interoperation in the X environment. The reader is referred to X Session Management Protocol for information on session management, and to Inter-Client Exchange Protocol for information on general-purpose communication among clients.

8.1. The X Registry

The X Consortium maintains a registry of certain X-related items, to aid in avoiding conflicts and to aid in sharing of such items. Readers are encouraged to use the registry. The classes of items kept in the registry that are relevant to the ICCCM include property names, property types, selection names, selection targets, WM_PROTOCOLS protocols, ClientMessage types, and application classes. Requests to register items, or questions about registration, should be addressed to
or to
X Consortium
1 Memorial Dr
Cambridge MA 02142-1301
Electronic mail will be acknowledged upon receipt. Please allow up to four weeks for a formal response to registration and inquiries.

The registry is published as part of the X software distribution from the X Consortium. All registered items must have the postal address of someone responsible for the item, or a reference to a document describing the item and the postal address of where to write to obtain the document.


Christophe Tronche, ch@tronche.com